Pink Fire Pointer Top 5 Tips On Choosing A Celtic Tattoo Design

Top 5 Tips On Choosing A Celtic Tattoo Design

So you've decided that you want a Celtic style for your tattoo. But do you really know how to pick out the right pattern? If you need help on choosing a good body art design, then read the following tips below to help you in your search for your very own Celtic tattoo design.

1. Know and Understand the Meaning First.

There's always a symbol behind every tattoo. It's not just a mere design that anyone can put on their body. Selecting body art requires careful consideration, especially if you've decided to go with a Celtic tattoo design. Most people think that this type of body art only consists of plain patterns and black ink, but in fact it has a long history that can be traced back to its Irish, Scottish and Welsh roots. So make sure you take the time to research about your design so you won't be ignorant of what it really signifies. If you're not cautious, you can blindly choose a tattoo whose meaning is considered offensive by those who are familiar with Celtic symbols. Find out the real meaning of your design first so you can better select a tattoo that best represents yourself.

2. Select a Design that Speaks to You

A tattoo is often considered as a representation of yourself. So when you set out to search for a Celtic tattoo design, always think of a symbol that speaks to you-something that tells most of who you are. You may not yet know what you want, but just keep on browsing various designs. Pretty soon, the right symbol will come along and you'll instantly know it's the one for you.

3. Observe the Lines of the Celtic Pattern

See to it that the lines of your preferred design are not too close to each other because this will make your tattoo look unbalanced. A good tattoo design is one that has at least a 1cm gap between the lines. Also, make sure the lines aren't too thin or thick; it should be proportionate to the size and width of your body art.

4. Browse Tattoo Galleries Online

Visiting different websites will give you more ideas on which Celtic tattoo design to choose. Often times, these sites have a wide gallery of patterns that you can view for free. Take note of the designs you really like, and choose the one that stands out the most.

5. Get Suggestions from a Tattoo Artist

You may want to seek the expertise of a tattoo artist if you really have no idea what design to pick. A professional always know the best tattoos for every personality, and will be able to help you select the Celtic tattoo design that's truly meant for you.

So there you have it! Those are the top five tips on how to choose a cool Celtic tattoo design. Be sure to keep them in mind before you let a tattoo artist put the ink on you.