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sun tattoo design

sun tattoo design tattoo design funky tattoos design
Navajo Indians, Aztecs, Egyptians, and other cultures have been countless worship the sun god at one time or another. Often, there is a feeling that the sun can be hot one day cold body, and thus humans alive and functioning. On the other hand, he believes that - if it so pleased the sun god - a god that can try to kill his servants, by drying the soil, killing plants and animals, does not give rain to water, thereby killing people.

sun tattoo design tattoo design funky tattoos designsun tattoo design tattoo design funky tattoos design

In Egypt, the sun god called Ra - portrayed with a hawk's head in many ancient characters. Ra is said to creators - people who cry when he created the earth (because it's so beautiful when she finished) that the tears fell to earth, and became man. Celtics actually has an ancient Sun god by the name of Lugh. Native Americans talk about Tsohanoai, the god who brought the sun on his back - in the sky - the daily. At night, he closed the sun from a peg in his house. Therefore, this is why the moon is not as bright as the sun. Aztec gods, who also seems the most difficult to please, named Huitzilopochtli. He is the sun and the god of war, and offered human sacrifices to secure the continuous ness abundant rain, and the victory in wartimes.

sun tattoo design tattoo design funky tattoos designsun tattoo design tattoo design funky tattoos design

The sun still shining moments tattoos today (sorry about that pun). Cool tattoo Sun has in the past, seems to have fallen by the roadside - was replaced by other celestial bodies like stars or the moon. He still holds a place in the background scene even if the tattoo. Tattoos describe the eagle fly through a blue sky, the sun glint from the broad wings, or wolf perched on a rock face as the sun slowly seeped in dark background behind the mountain, still using the sun as an assistant to shadow.

While working at my family business as a teenager, it seems that one of my stepfather customers' best has always come in terms of new tattoos. The most prominent tattoos on his body took almost the entire back. It is full of Native American Chief's headdress, with his hands and his face looked up into the sky, as if in prayer, thank you. On the left, an eagle flying in the sky. The shadow seemed to fall into the head of an eagle.

On the opposite side, the image out of head - forming itself into a bear. So to say that the tattoo of the sun are just that - the sun - actually hide the true nature of the shadow. As someone who never got a tattoo can prove, shadowing is one of the most critical part in the tattoo. In addition, this technique is difficult, and provides tattoo artist is the moment to improve the tattoo, and try to get close to three-dimensional appearance to the place they make.

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